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Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm out of money...what do I do?!?

What do you do when your out of money?  Oh it's horrible, isn't it?  You only have money for the basics, gas, bills, groceries.  Then there is nothing left, and a whole month to get through.  You can't go out with your friends.  You can't even buy those fun little extras, like a bag of chips or a new bottle of nail polish.

Most people will tell you the obvious.  Things should have saved for a rainy day.  Use coupons.  Plant a garden.  But what if you have tried these things, or not, and now it's raining.  Nope!  Its pouring.  You don't even want to show your face to your friends, or answer the phone for fear...They might ask you out!  Oh, then you'll have to explain.  No money, blech!

Well, your stuck at home until that next drop of cash comes your way.  What to do?  Start by telling yourself that you are staying at home on purpose.  That will take some pressure off your shoulder.  It also gives you an excuse to give your friends.  Say it's one month.  You won't die, trust me. 

So, your hungry.  This is the time to clean out the pantry and cupboards.  CLEANING?  Did I say CLEANING?!?  Yes!  Everyone has some stored food.  Dried, boxed goods, canned goods, oh and the freezer.  If your staying at home, you need to eat.  So you might as well start working through the food you have.  First, go through everything and chuck out the expired food, and anything that's green and fuzzy. Shivers.   Your refrigerator may start to look empty.  Don't worry!  You probably have food in your cupboards and freezer too.  Start to take inventory.  Give yourself a goal of eating through the food you have.  It can be surprising how long your food can stretch.  Loads of recipes online can also help you put a little excitement into your cooking routine.  Also, check your secret stash of food.  Don't blush and look at your shoes.  We all have them. That little pile hidden because you just don't want to share.  I get it.   I just found a box of macaroni and cheese, and candy corn in with my winter sweaters.  It's time to take them out.  Your going to need these toward the end of the month, just to keep your sanity.

Now, your fed and wondering what's next.  I hate to say it, but more cleaning.  Okay, its more like organizing.  Your day to day may be so rushed, that your only able to stick the laundry basket in the closet, instead of hanging up your clean clothes.  Take the time to do this.  Did the seasons change and your still rifling through your sweater pile on the floor while looking for your sandals?  Put your winter clothes away.  Fold the clothes in the drawers and match up your shoes.  This will save time when you are running out the door and your life is a whirl of activity.  Plus, it becomes like a shopping trip for you.  There are always clothes in the back, long forgotten, that you will wonder, why haven't I been wearing this?  Also, there are clothes that you will also wonder, why did I ever like this?  Stick it in a bag and drop it off at a local consignment store on your next time out.  Having your closets cleaned will make you feel powerful. 

Are you a crafter like me?  NO NEW SUPPLIES!  Not this month anyway.  Take this time to make your work space special.  Give everything a home.  Put things like tools that you use the most, closest to you.  Put all your craft supplies in one place and closest to your work space if you can.  I like my supplies on open shelves right above the table where I work.  This way I can see what I have and I won't accidentally buy duplicates.  Categorize your items and keep them together.  Do you have yarn?  Put it in a basket... or a shelf... or an armoire.  While saying this I admit to blushing and looking at my shoes.  I love yarn, but now that I've organized it, I know what I have for projects and where it is.  Now clean off your workspace.  Did you smile?  I bet you did.  There is something freeing about having a clean work space.  The trouble with this, is it aids in creativity.  Before you know it, you'll have a dozen more projects started and your area will become, well...don't worry, if it happens again, and it will, you'll know what to do. 

So, the evenings have come and your friends are out at the movies.  If you have old dvd's or even video tapes...well, you guessed it.  Go through them.  Get rid of the ones you don't watch.  Stick them in the same bag that's going to the consignment shop.  For the rest of them, I bet you forgot you even owned half of them.  Watch one or two a night.  Now you have your own movie night.  You could even invite your friends, and have them bring the popcorn.

One last place, that may be missed in our busy lives is the car.  Go out and clean it.  Get rid of all the gum wrappers, and old bags of French fries.  Make it nice, so your friends don't gag when they get in it.  If its warm weather, wash the outside too and make note of things that need fixing.  Oh, and don't forget to look under the seats.  There is always loose change under there.  Put it in a little jar, and when your really at your wits end, swing down to the dollar store and get yourself a bag of chips, or that little bottle of nail polish you've been desperately wanting.